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Althena is a springboard for human potential

Through integrative medicine, we support the whole body in health and wellness, creating a direct path to optimal living, being, and doing.

We believe that our greatest opportunity to achieve goals and lead a full, quality life starts with foundational health. As integrative medicine practitioners, we find value in sharing knowledge and understanding alongside holistic treatment to help you attain this base of personal health and well being.

Strong, stable human health increases everyday energy, clarity of mind, and physical and emotional resilience. This makes fighting disease, personal growth, goal achievement, and better relationships possible and sustainable.

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Dr. Gwynne Engelking

Dr. Gwynne Engelking is the founding physician of Althena Integrative Medicine, an integrative medical practice based in Portland, Oregon.

Gwynne is a board certified Naturopathic Doctor who earned her doctorate from the CNME-accredited National College of Natural Medicine. She also is a board certified Acupuncturist credentialed with a Masters in Science of Oriental Medicine, also from NCNM.

Clinically, Gwynne explored new ground with her thesis titled “Typical Presentations of Competitive Triathletes using Chinese Medicine.” In her practice, she is an enthusiast of applying the latest in research based medical techniques along with the best in traditional techniques. In her clinic training to date, she has developed a special interest in working with athletes, new mothers, and postoperative patients.

Her international work includes study in Xian, China where she observed lineage Chinese medicine practitioners and in Ometepe, Nicaragua where she volunteered with Natural Doctors International. Her volunteer work also includes working closely with youth in Lakenheath Air Force Base in England and also in China Lake Naval Base in California.

Gwynne’s undergraduate work includes a dual degree, blending physics and psychology, which strengthens her passion for working with people and problem solving. She was also a Division I Rower and Triathlete.

In her free time, she enjoys exploring the area on her cruiser bicycle and running in Forest Park. Time at home is spent gardening, diving into a new recipe, or planning the next surfing trip on the Oregon coast.